Monday, 29 September 2014

New Tings....About time!

Where does the time time go. It just seems to be racing past. Fern is back at school and Heather and Gaz are in Japan on their honeymoon. I must say this is where face book comes into it's own and Heather is able to keep me updated on her adventures with lots of videos and pics. I couldn't even make a phone call when I was in Lynton, so it amazes me how Petra copes with keeping up to date!
I also have a new addition to our family, a new fur baby called Pepper, who is about 18 months old and a rescue cat. Smokey is still not very pleased to have her but I'm persevering with treats and fuss!

Here's Pepper, stopping me from working.

And here's Smokey giving vent to her feelings!

I'm working my way through my stash of artisan goodies and I'm giving my micro torch a good work out too.
This bracelet features ScorchedEarth and Helenjewellery lampwork. It reminds me of  rock pools and the copper clasp features a cat's eye cab that I soldered on.

Next lots of earrings, this first pair has a silver bar  and vintage rhinestone that I soldered together ( after a lot of swearing!)

More rhinestone and Petra leaves.

Garnet cabs, ceramic connectors and copper. The soldering's a bit messy but it adds to the rustic vibe!

This next ones have gorgeous ceramic shells with metal beads on their sides,  iolite cabs and handmade ear posts.

Finally pearls on ladders

I've had to buy another micro torch because the switch on my old one broke and wouldn't lock on!
I'll keep practising, still got a lot to learn. xx


  1. Your soldering and cutting skills have come a long way, I like the "H" looking hammered copper wire earrings. They look very 'industrial' yet could be worn with just about anything.

  2. I love this new batch and how you're making your own style :D This Pepper is so cute, I really hope Smockey will get used to her :)

  3. Really lovely collection! loving the vibe of the rhinestones on the hoops and the ladder with pearls .... really cool

    Kitties are sweet ... hope smokey gets over his her hesitation

  4. These are super gorgeous, I really admire your soldering skills and wish that I could solder as well

  5. These are every-inch gorgeous, and perfect for the changing season. Yours is the first post I've read this morning, and what a way to start my day. I'm headed into my studio totally inspired!

  6. All of these new pieces are beautiful. Especially like the shells and the pearl earrings. Your soldering adds another dimension to your already unique and wonderful style.

  7. aw kittehs!!! they are so cute! i love your new pieces, inspires me to get out my hammer and soldering kit...

  8. My second rescue cat is not acting the best towards my very old first rescue cat. Argh.

    And I love every single piece of jewelry you showed!