Sunday, 12 October 2014

My new Japanese obsession

My daughter Heather and hubby Gaz have returned from their honeymoon in Japan and they brought me a few gifts.

A wonderful postcard book full of amazing images by Higuchi Yuko, the green stick is a green tea chocolate biscuit with a yellow biscuit beside it and fire opals, sodalite, snowflake obsidian and "ugly" pearls.

Get those coins they're so cute,  Cynthia from Beatnheart has made these lovely earrings from Japanese coins

But what I found really fascinating is the attention to detail that is applied to packaging; it's an art form in itself. The word tsutsumu means wrapping and some of their packaging is stunning.

They seem to understand how integral the packaging is for the product; it is part of the experience.

I've been getting some ring practice in and I've done some simple stacker rings in copper.

I'll hopefully, when funds permit, start working on designs in silver. But I do love working in copper, it's so versatile and looks great with gemstones and I've never experienced a green finger!
C U soon xx


  1. What a Japanese treat :) green tea chocolate biscuit... Yum! The illustrations are so cute! I agree, Japanese wrapping is an Art.
    Your copper rings are delightful! Love the simple but so elegant design!

  2. What a treat! Must have been so fun to unwrap those presents. Yummy stacking rings. Simply beautiful!

  3. the packaging! So elegant. And your rings are great! Yes, I expect you'll be moving to silver soon....the price is down, you know. :)