Sunday, 1 February 2015


What happened, I just can't believe how fast everything is going. Christmas went in a blur and now it's February. So I've been looking closely at rebranding my 
name and shop to better reflect where my work is going. I've spent hours learning Gimp, a free photoshop programme, and I'm finally making  progress and getting my new image together.
I'm favouring darker backgrounds for the photos of my work. It just seems to work. And I'm channeling Barbara Hulanick of the iconic BIBA. She combined the 1970's, with art nouveau and a splash of art deco to create a luxurious, bohemian style.

Even the baked beans had gorgeous branding.

Here's some of my latest work:

I've now got a flickr account too, so you can find more photos of my work

So look out for my revamp very soon xx


  1. Love this 1940s Boho look ... it is rich and gorgeous! and you've got some wonderful new pieces here! Loving the patina, and the double hooked focals - very cool

  2. Looking forward to your evolution in rebranding. It looks great already.

  3. Ah I am old enough to remember Biba and Twiggy and all the other 60/70's fashion icons!
    Dark backgrounds are wonderful, they add great drama and atmosphere. (Love the orange and turquoise patina earrings)